"Stay Wild" Mural / Wall Lab Artistic Programme

"Stay Wild", a 9x3m mural made in July 2020 for Wallspot's artistic programme Wall Lab in Barcelona.

‘This intervention is part of Wall Lab, an artistic programme aimed to trigger artistic experimentation in public spaces and to create murals with a long durability, unlike Wallspot’s legal walls where works are ephemeral. This work is located in Sant Andreu district, Barcelona.’

I usually try to use nature on my murals and illustrations, animals and plants forever & ever. My intention is to remind everyone that we should take care of the planet, concern and become aware of it. The most important thing it's to be gentle, civilised and especially not to destroy it. Remember, it’s the most beautiful thing we will ever have.

You can visit my mural until next summer here: 📍Carrer del Clot 228, Barcelona. ☺

Client: www.wallspot.org


Type:Mural, Street Art, Illustration


Wall Lab by Ele.Zissou - Making-of/Interview